Wednesday, 22 February 2012

IWD: spice force five

After about a month of progress, I've finally finished my International Women's Day poster featuring the Spice Girls. Over the course of February I've completed several processes to come to my finished product. In previous posts I've shared thumbnails and layouts, now here's some process work - as promised!

To begin the final artwork, I prepped a masonite board with gesso, transferred my linear layout, sealed it with hairspray and then covered it in a base colour (red). As you can see in the above image, even after laying down my base colour, my linear layout is still visible - which was necessary for me to get this piece accurate. 

Now time to block out the large sections of colour, making sure to leave some red showing through in an attempt to make the composition as cohesive as possible. Posh looks extra creepy with those red eyes, no?

Alright, getting there! In an attempt to emulate Al Parker's style, I was sure to outline their features in black and include both flat colour and pattern. I found it quite difficult to try to paint in another artist's style, but it was definitely a fun challenge. Not to mention my skills in acrylics were rusty to say the least, but I'm glad to have gotten back into using them because it's a medium I used to love. 

Ok! Enough process work let's get to the final!

And here she is! I photographed the painting, brought it into CS5 PhotoShop where I added the text, blue faded edges and tinkered with the colour.

The Spice Girls promoting International Women's Day - I can't think of a better group of girl power role models. Though I had some challenges with this poster, I have to say I am pleased with how it turned out. It's a whimsical and fun promotional piece that gets the job done - the job being to spread awareness about International Women's Day - so please don't forget to celebrate all the great women in your life this March 8th!

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